Create and develop large scale events using our full comprehensive list of contacts.

Sending invites or alerting the media of your clients event is hassle free when using EMD Media's lists. Our pricing options also allow for you to select a more economic option based on the nature of your project.

Media Planners

Source and select optimal media platforms for your client's brand or product with our easy to use directories.

The South African Media Directory contacts we supply on the directory are split into separate Excel spreadsheets, namely:


Consumer Publications, Trade Publications, Independent / Community Radio Stations with radio programmes and Television, Online Publications, Independent and Community Newspapers, What’s on Calendar and Bloggers.

PR Practitioners

Bring people together to promote understanding & establish efficient two-way interaction between the company and targeted groups of people. 

Our media directories can be used to assist PR Practitioners in sending press releases to the media.

Event Coordinators

Marketing Experts

With your professional expertise in strategies and our reliable list of contacts you can engage customers and improve business opportunities for your client, both through retaining existing clients and attracting new patrons. © 2023 by EMD MEDIA